Imprint (Empreinte)
France, 2021, 6min
Single-channel video, stereo sound

In Imprint, our gaze discovers what we will never see with the naked eye: the interior of a bone inflicted with cancer. Immersed in a mysterious black and white landscape, generated from high-precision scans carried out by a Bordeaux paleontology laboratory, Imprint questions the power of pathology to challenge our self-perception; as well as the preservative power of the digital image, which is used to digitize what inevitably deteriorates when the image itself is not guaranteed to survive time - underscoring the shared fragility of organic and digital material.

- Marie-Amélie Senot, curator of Idéale art brut installation at LaM Musée

Directing, Editing, Sound Design: Kendra McLaughlin
3D Creation: Guangli Liu